ACT SMART Osteopathy is a multidisciplinary Allied Health Practice providing Osteopathy, Remedial massage, Acupuncture needling techniques, Pilates and Dietetics in the Tuggeranong Valley, Canberra. We provide specialist healthcare management for a wide variety of musculoskeletal complaints. A number of safe hands-on techniques are used to work gently with the body’s structure, thereby providing opportunity for all family members to be treated. Complementing the manual medicine aspects of the clinic is the nutritional and/or dietary service provided by a qualified Dietitian. Osteopathic treatment, Remedial massage and Dietetics are covered under the ‘extras’ scheme by most major health funds. 137 Clive Steele Ave MONASH A.C.T. 2904 Tel/Fax: (02) 6161 2936 (02) 6161 2936 Email: